Tuesday, 27 June 2017

A Fairy Tale

Once upon a time, in the world of Suffolk lied the Shire of Lakenheath.
In this realm once flew the most beautiful of birds the Golden Oriole but as time
went on they lost their way and were not seen since some years.
And those that mourned their passing did not live happily ever after.


Or is it,............

Three Hobbits and two lassies forged their way to this sad and forgotten land and were
enthralled to find a splendid Kingdom of marsh, fen and woodland.

Eager to explore, Trish and Wendy set off to see what birds they could find in this
green and pleasant land. Leaving Bob Mark and Robin behind, they soon found themselves
looking at a wondrous Bittern

Meantime the Hobbits decided to search for the smaller inhabitants of this realm.
Raised flower beds by the entrance were worth searching, for here hiding was a Sulphur
beetle and a small leaf cutter bee.

Notice the blue eyes

We could hear the now rare call of the Cuckoo, but the girls saw it flying over.

The Hobbits heads were down finding a superb micro moth, the second for the shire.

Alder signal Stathmopoda pedella
Slowly moving on after dislodging the stones from between our toes us Hobbits found more goodies

Flecked General a rare soldierfly
Golden bloomed longhorn beetle 

The girls were looking at Kingfishers and Bearded Tits,

Ater a couple of raw Conies later a wifi rider told of six Common Cranes flying in our direction.

The Cranes are almost resident now in the shire, but not satisfied with these the girls watched hobbies hawking the fens.

Not to miss out The Hobbit trio were dancing with the revelation of an absolutely stunning

metallic Musk Beetle nearly two inches long Bob wanted it as a pet.

Marsh Harriers also hunted the fens and breeding Whitethroats were rushing to bring up their

Now weary from our exploration we had to be careful not to be attacked by Robbers and one of the largest Horse flies in the Suffolk world.

A huge Large Marsh Horsefly
Give me your money   my precious

We will all sleep well tonight,  Ni Night.

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