Friday, 8 December 2017

Post meeting synopsis


On Wednesday we were well entertained by Chris and Caroline Ward with their presentation of the birds and wildlife of Australia (Part 1 Queensland). Judging from the comments, plenty of the audience had been to the same part of the world and were able to relate to many of the images and the dialogue delivered by Chris. 

Their trip to Australia had been a three month extravaganza all accommodated cost-wise because they completed a short term house and vehicle swap. So while they were enjoying the sunshine of Australia, an Australian couple were enjoying the delights of Milton Keynes. I think I know where I would rather be of the two!

As always Chris presented some stunning images of the colourful birds of 'down under' and some of the endemic mammals too, all well-researched and put into context in the way that Chris being a perfectionist always manages.

Chris and Caroline return to the club in April 2018 when they will present the second part of their adventure. It was an excellent turn-out of both members and non-members on Wednesday evening and I'm sure the same will happen again in April!


Neil M

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