Photographic Competition Entries 2017

Graham Soden and little John Fuller.


Great Northern Diver. Andrew Cook.
Waxwing. Andrew Cook.
Grey Phalarope. Andrew Cook.
Coal Tit. Barry Boswell.
Fieldfare. Barry Boswell.
Great Spotted Woodpecker. Barry Boswell.
Hawfinch. Bob Bullock.
Yellow Wagtail. Bob Bullock.
Gannet. Bob Bullock.
Drake Pochard. Bob Gill.
Tufted Duck. Bob Gill.
Bullfinch. Clive Bowley
Drake Red-crested Pochard. Clive Bowley
Great Crested Grebe. Clive Bowley.
Moorhen. Dave Jackson.
Starling. Dave Jackson.
Waxwing. Dave Jackson.
Chiffchaff. Jacob Spinks.
Male Wheatear Jacob Spinks.
House Sparrow. John Showers.
Starling. John Showers.
Male Kestrel John Showers.
Female Blackbird. Mark Williams.
Goldfinch. Mark Williams.
House Sparrow. Mark Williams.
Wren. Martin Swannell.

Male Kestrel. Martin Swannell.
Male Stonechat. Martin Swannell.
Female Siskin. Pete Gilbert.
Waxwing. Pete Gilbert.
Great Crested Grebe and Perch. Robin Gossage.
Tufted Duck. Robin Gossage.
Waxwing. Robin Gossage.


Kestrel. Robin Gossage.
Red Kite. Robin Gossage.
Short Eared Owl. Robin Gossage.
Barn Owl. Martin Swannell.
Common Buzzard. Martin Swannell.
Short-eared Owl. Martin Swannell.
Black-headed Gull. Dave Jackson.
Great Crested Grebe. Dave Jackson.
Hobby. Dave Jackson.
Grey Heron. Clive Bowley.
Male Gadwall. Clive Bowley
Red Kite. Clive Bowley.
Mute Swan. Bob Gill.
Hobby. Bob Gill.
Drake Wigeon. Bob Gill.
Waxwings. Bob Bullock.
Barn Owl. Bob Bullock.
Grey Wagtail. Bob Bullock.
Blue Titmouse Barry Boswell.
Goldfinch. Barry Boswelll.
Cattle Egret. Andy Cook.
Caspian Tern . Andy Cook.
Sabine's Gull. Andy Cook.


Amur Falcon. Andy Cook.
Cock Pheasant. Barry Boswell.
Red Grouse.
Siskin. Barry Boswell.
Cuckoo. Bob Bullock.
White-billed Diver. Bob Bullock .
Woodlark. Bob Bullock.
Kestrel. Bob Gill.
Red Grouse. Bob Gill.
Tree Sparrow. Bob Gill.
Common Guillimot. Clive Bowley.
Gannet. Clive Bowley.
Sanderling. Dave Jackson.
Bluethroat. Dave Jackson.
Arctic Tern. Dave Jackson.
Gannet. Dave Thomas.
Bluethroat. Jacob Spinks.
Whitethroat. Jacob Spinks.
Black-tailed Godwit. John Showers.
Ruff. John Showers.
Turnstone Mark. Williams.
Mistle Thrush. Mark Williams.
Sanderling. Mark Williams.
Bluethroat. Martin Swannell.
Dunlin. Martin Swannell
Red-necked Phalarope. Martin Swannell.
Greylag Goose. Pete Gilbert.
Meadow Pipit. Pete Gilbert.
Bluethroat. Robin Gossage.
Fighting Black Tailed Godwits. Robin Gossage.

Little Owl. Robin Gossage.


Ruff . Robin Gossage. 
Short-eared Owl. Robin Gossage.
Black-tailed Godwit. Robin Gossage.
Kestrel. Martin Swannell.
Great Bustard. Martin Swannell.
Gannet Martin Swannell.
Wigeon. Mark Williams
Whoopers. Mark Williams.
Gannet. Mark Williams.
Gannet. Dave Thomas.
Avocet. Dave Jackson.
Ruff. Dave Jackson.
Little Gull. Dave Jackson.
Razorbill. Clive Bowley.
Puffin and out. Clive Bowley.
Fulmar. Clive Bowley.
Osprey. Bob Gill.
Kestrel. Bob Gill.
Grey Heron. Bob Gill.

Grey Phalarope. Bob Bullock.
Osprey. Barry Boswell.
Red Grouse. Barry Boswell.


Chesnut Sandgrouse. Andy Cook.
Arabian Bustard. Andy Cook.
Crowned Plover . Andy Cook.
Beautiful Sunbird. Barry Boswell.
Bearded Barbet. Bob Bullock.
Abyssinian Roller. Bob Bullock.
Eleanora's. Falcon. Bob Bullock. 
Barn Swallow. John Showers.
Rufescent Tiger Heron. Clive Bowley.
Opal Crowned Tanager. Clive Bowley.
Red-necked Phalarope. Dave Jackson.
Greenshank. Dave Jackson.
Abyssinian Roller. Dave Jackson.
Giant Kingfisher. Dave Thomas.
Pied Kingfisher. Dave Thomas.
Black Kite. Jacob Spinks.
Woodchat Shrike. Jacob Spinks.
Common Potoo. Jeff Blincow.
White-headed Stilt. Mark Williams.
Superb Fairy Wren. Mark Williams.
Bush Thick-knee. Mark Williams.
Waxbill. Martin Swannell.
Moroccan Great Spotted Woodpecker. Pete Gilbert.
Moroccan Jay. Pete Gilbert.
Silver Gulls. Pete Gilbert.

White Throated Tree Runner. Robin Gossage.
Rufous Collered Sparrow.
Burrowing Owl. Robin Gossage.


Gilded Saphire. Robin Gossage.
Black Throated Mango. Robin Gossage.
Giant Petrel. Robin Gossage.
Whiskered Tern. Pete Gilbert.
Whistling Kite. Pete Gilbert.
Pacific Gull. Pete Gilbert.
Cory's Shearwater. Martin Swannell.
Bulwer's Petrel. Martin Swannell.
Spur-winged Plover. Mark Williams.
Long-tailed Glossy Starling. Mark Williams.
Senegal Thick-knee. Mark Williams.
European Bee Eater. Jacob Spinks.
Black Kite. Jacob Spinks.
Juvenile Swallow. Jacob Spinks.
Red Bishop. Dave Thomas.
Bateleur Eagle. Dave Thomas.

Senegal Thick-knee. Dave Jackson.
Arctic Skua with Arctic Tern. Dave Jackson.
Eider Duck. Dave Jackson.
Great Blue Heron. Clive Bowley.
Capped Heron. Clive Bowley.
Abyssinian Roller. Bob Bullock.
Eleanora's Falcon. Bob Bullock.
Senegal Thick-knee. Bob Bullock.
African Spoonbill. Barry Boswell.
Black Crowned Night Heron Barry Boswell.
Lammergier. Barry Boswell.
Purple Heron. Andy Cook.
African Fish Eagle. Andy Cook.
Thick Billed Raven. Andy Cook.


Cheetahs, Andy Cook.
Golden Jackal, Andy Cook.
Spotted Hyena, Andy Cook.
Mountain Hare, Barry Boswell.
Mother and infant Baboon, Barry Boswell.
Lioness and cub, Barry Boswell.
Mountain Hare, Bob Gill.
Western Red Colobus family, Bob Bullock.
Red Fox yawning, Bob Bullock.
Fallow Deer, Bob Bullock.
Giant Otter, Clive Bowley
Capuchin, Clive Bowley .
Red Howler Monkey. Clive Bowley.
Bank Vole, Dave Jackson.
Western Red Colobus Monkey, Dave Jackson.
Reeve's Muntjac. Jacob Spinks.
Red Fox, Jacob Spinks.
Mountain Hare, Dave Thomas.
Crab Eating Fox, Jeff Blincow.
Humpback Whale, Mark Williams.
Brown Hare, Mark Williams.
Yellow Winged Bat, Mark Williams.
Atlantic Spotted Dolphin, Martin Swannell.
Common Brushtail Possum Pete Gilbert..
New Zealand Fur Seal. Pete Gilbert.
Common Wombat, Pete Gilbert.
Brown Hare, Robin Gossage.
Puma, Robin Gossage.
Patagonian Skunk, Robin Gossage.


Mating Butterflies, Argentina, Robin Gossage.
Skipper Sp Argentina, Robin Gossage.
Stathmopoda pedella, micro moth, Robin Gossage.
OrangeTip, Pete Gilbert.
Moroccan Orange Tip. Pete Gilbert,
Cardinal Fritillary, Pete Gilbert.
Common Blue, Martin Swannell.
Silver-wash Fritillary, Martin Swannell.
Wood Whites, Martin Swannell.
Ringlet, Mark Williams.
Pale Prominent, Mark Williams
Peppered Moth, Mark Williams.
Wood White, John Showers.
Southern White Admiral, John Showers.
Clouded Yellow.
Meneria Metalmark, Jeff Blincow.
Hebrew Character, Jacob Spinks.
Large White, Jacob Spinks.
Green Veined White, Jacob Spinks.
Sycamore Larva, Dave Jackson.
Brown Argos, Dave Jackson.
Small Tortoiseshell, Dave Jackson.
Owl Butterfly. Clive Bowley.
Small Tortoiseshell, Bob Gill.
Ringlet Bob Gill.
Large Skipper Bob Gill.
Silver-wash Fritillary, Clive Bowley.
Partia crise, Clive Bowley.

Orange Tip, Cogenhoe. Bob Bullock.
Silver-wash Fritillary, Valezina form. Yardley Chase. Bob Bullock.

Clouded Yellow, Cyprus. Bob Bullock.

                             OTHER INVERTEBRATES.

Oak Bush Cricket, Bob Bullock.
4 Spot Chaser, Bob Bullock.
Harvestman, Bob Bullock.
Variable Longhorn, Bob Gill.
Garden Chafers, Bob Gill.
Conops Thick Headed Fly, Bob Gill.
Robberfly, Clive Bowley.
Black Tailed Skimmer, Clive Bowley.
Pink Toed Tarantula, Clive Bowley.
Banded Demoiselle, Dave Jackson.
Mosquito sp Dave Jackson.
Broad Bodied Chaser female, John Showers.
Volucellar Inanis.
Ectophasia crassipennis, John Showers.
Musk Beetle, Mark Williams.
Golden Bloomed Grey Longhorn, Mark Williams.
Solomans Sawfly, Mark Williams.
Red Crab in shell, Pete Gilbert.
Marmalade Hoverfly, Pete Gilbert.
Eumigus rubioi. Pete Gilbert.

Rutpela maculata Longhorn, Martin Swannell.
Odemera Nobilis, Martin Swannell.
Broad Bodied Chaser female, Martin Swannell.

Phasia Hemiptera, Robin Gossage.
Bee-Wolf, Robin Gossage.
Hedychrum Neimelai, Ruby Tailed Wasp, Robin Gossage

                               OTHER VERTEBRATES.

Lizard sp Brazil, Robin Gossage.
Crocodile, Pete Gilbert.
Common Frog, John Showers.
Marsh Frog, John Showers.
Common Tree Frog, John Showers.
Amazon Racerunner, Clive Bowley.
Yellow spotted River Turtle. Clive Bowley.
Lizard sp Gambia, Bob Bullock.
Common Frogs, Bob Bullock.
Agama Lizard, Bob Bullock.
Skink sp, Barry Boswell.
Agama Lizard, Barry Boswell.
African Chameleon, Barry Boswell.

                                 INSECTS, FLYING.

Sphaerophoria scripta, Bob Gill.
Marmalade Hoverfly, Bob Gill.
Dark edged Bee-fly. Bob Gill.
Voilet Carpenter Bee John Showers.
Broad Bordered Bee Hawkmoth. John Showers
Hummingbird Hawkmoth, John Showers.
Emperor Dragonfly, Clive Bowley.
Dark edged Bee-fly, Dave Jackson.
Banded Demoiselle, Dave Jackson.
                                  PLANTS and FUNGI.

Eyelash Fungi, Robin Gossage
Bee Orchid, Robin Gossage.
Candle-snuff Fungi, Robin Gossage.
Honey Fungus, Bob Gill.
Bee Orchid, Bob Gill.
Eyelash Fungi, Bob Gill.
Trooping Funnel, John Showers.
Chicken of the Woods, John Showers.
Parasol sp, John Showers.

Scarlet Elfcup, Bob Bullock.
Knapweed Broomrape, Bob Bullock.
Cyprus Pine, Bob Bullock.
Rosebay Willowherb. Dave Jackson.
Beech Leaves, Dave Jackson.
Copiapoa haseltoniana, Jeff Blincow.
Dandelion seedhead, Martin Swannell.
Dactylorhiza sp, Martin Swannell.
Unknown sp, Pete Gilbert.
Poppies, Pete Gilbert.
Unknown sp Singapore, Pete Gilbert.

                             HABITAT & LANDSCAPE.

Iguazu Falls and Great Dusky Swifts. Robin Gossage.
Dunwich Heath. Robin Gossage.
Fire Mountains Chile, Robin Gossage.

River Tove. Bob Gill.
Brandon Marsh. Bob Gill.
Winter Sun over Brandon Marsh. Bob Gill.

Misty Morning Sane Copse Yardley Chase. John Showers.
Autumn Colour, Green Lakes. John Showers.
Malham Cove, Yorkshire. John Showers.
Three Sisters, Blue mountains Australia. Mark Williams.
Reedbed, Titchwell, Mark Williams.
Gambia River. Mark Williams.
Findhorn Valley, Scotland. Barry Boswell.
Southern Serengetti, Tanzania. Barry Boswell.
Spanish Pyrenees. Barry Boswell.
Cloud Forest-Paramo, Cavambe=Coca, Equidor. Jeff Blincow.
River Tapiche. Iquitos, Peru. Jeff Blincow.

Insh Marshes, Speyside. Dave Jackson.
River Gambia. Dave Jackson.
River Gambia backwater. Bob Bullock.
Evretou Reservoir, Cyprus. Bob Bullock.
Aspro Dam and deserted Foinikas village. Bob Bullock.

Bluebell woods Everdon. Martin Swannell.
Eucalyptus Forest in the Mist, Madeira. Martin Swannell.
Madeiran Mountains. Martin Swannell.
Dove L ake & Cradle Mountain, Tasmania. Pete Gilbert
Katherine River Gorge, NT, Australia. Pete Gilbert.
Yellow River, Cooinda, NT, Australia. Pete Gilbert.

Wow !  I've got to say I'm glad thats done, Its taken ages to get all these images together.

Looking through these shots, to try and pick out winners is a thankless task, to my mind they are all
winners as I'm sure you'll agree. 
The bar has been raised yet again with fantastic photo's from some amazing places !

My Thanks to all those who entered for making such a formidable competition. 

Cheerz Robin.

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