Photographic Competition Winners 2017

Photographic Competition Winners 2017.

Habitat and Landscape.

1st place           Fire Mountains Chile. Robin Gossage.

2nd Place     Dove Lake and Cradle Mountain. Pete Gilbert.
3rd Place  Cloud Forest and Paramo Cayambe Coca Equador. Jeff Blincow.

Plants and Fungi.

1st Place  Rosebay Willowherb. Dave Jackson.

2nd Place  Shaggy Parasol  John Showers.

3rd Place  Bee Orchid.     Robin Gossage.

Insects in Flight.

1st Place.  Emperor Dragonfly. Clive Bowley.

2nd Place Broad Bordered Bee Hawk Moth.  John Showers.
3rd Place Banded Demoiselle.   Dave Jackson.

Other Invertebrates. 

1st Place Odemera nobilis,Thick Thighed Flower Beetle.  Martin Swannell.

2nd Place  Banded Demoiselle  Dave Jackson.

3rd Place  Conops quadrifascatus Thick Headed Fly      Bob Gill.

Butterflies, Moths and Caterpillars.

1 st Place   Mating Butterflies sp  Robin Gossage.

2nd Place Common Blues. Martin Swannell.

3rd Place Orange Tip.   Pete Gilbert.

Other Vertebrates.

1st Place  Skink sp. Barry Boswell.
2nd Place Yellow Spotted River Turtle. Clive Bowley.

3rd Place Lizard sp.   Robin Gossage.


1st Place Brown Hare. Robin Gossage.

2nd Place Fallow Deer. Bob Bullock.

3rd Place Puma. Robin Gossage.

Foreign Birds in Flight.

1st Place Red Bishop.  Dave Thomas.

2nd Place Abyssinian Roller.   Bob Bullock.
3rd Place European Bee Eater. Jacob Spinks.

Foreign Birds.

1st place, Common Potoo. Jeff Blincow.
2nd Place, Bearded Barbet. Bob Bullock.
3rd Place, Rufous Collared Sparrow, Robin Gossage.
British Birds in Flight

1st Place, Ruff, Dave Jackson.
2nd Place, Little Gull,  Dave Jackson.
3rd Place, Whooper Swans, Mark Williams.

British Birds.

1st Place, Sanderling, Dave Jackson.
2nd Place, Bluethroat, Robin Gossage.
3rd Place, Greylag Goose, Pete Gilbert.

Northants Birds in Flight.

1st Place and Overall Winner.  Black-headed Gull, Dave Jackson.
2nd Place, Great Crested Grebe, Dave Jackson.
3rd Place, Hobby, Dave Jackson.

Northants Birds.
1st Place, Starling, Dave Jackson.
2nd Place, Tufted Duck, Robin Gossage.
3rd Place, Northern Wheatear, Jacob Spinks.

Photographic Competition Winners 2016

                                               Northants Birds Away from the Nest

1st Place and Overall Winner, Dave Jackson - Nuthatch

2nd Place Martin Swannell - Dunlin, Hollowell 
3rd Place Jacob Spinks - Little Egret, Pitsford Water

Northants Birds in Flight

1st Place - Peter Gilbert - Great White Egret, Ravensthorpe

2nd Place - Dave Jackson - Skylark 

3rd Place Martin Swannell - Common Tern, Summer Leys

British Birds Away from the Nest

1st Place Robin Gossage - Wren

2nd Place Dave Jackson - Ringed Plover

3rd Place Jacob Spinks - Avocet, Titchwell

British Birds in Flight

1st Place Clive Bowley - Gannet, Bempton

2nd Place - Clive Bowley - Razorbill, Bempton 

3rd Place - Dave Jackson - Turnstone

Foreign Birds Away from the Nest

1st Place Dave Thomas - Crab Plover, Seychelles

2nd Place - Golden-headed Tanager, Cuba

3rd PlaceBarry Boswell - Griffon Vulture

Foreign Birds in Flight

1st Place Pete Gilbert - Great White Egret, The Gambia

2nd Place Barry Boswell - Griffon Vulture, Spain 

3rd Place Dave Jackson - Desertas Petrel, Madeira


3rd Place Barry Boswell - Golden Jackal, Danube Delta, Romania

2nd Place Jeff Blincow - White Tent-making Bats, La Selva, Costa Rica

1st Place Dave Thomas - Mopane Buffalo, Pafuri, South Africa

Other Vertebrates

3rd Place Peter Gilbert - West African Crocodile, The Gambia

2nd Place Robin Gossage - Agami Flat Lizard, South Africa

1st Place Dave Jackson - Madeiran Rock Lizard, Madeira

Butterflies, Moths and their Caterpillars

3rd Place - Martin Swannell - Common Blue, Pitsford Quarry

2nd Place Dave Thomas - Butterfly sp., South Africa

1st Place Barry Boswell - African Monarch, South Africa

Other Invertebrates

3rd Place Clive Bowley - Green Lacewing Chrysoperla carnea Stortons GP

2nd Place Peter Gilbert - Snail-killing Flies Sepedon sphegea, Terra Botanica, France

1st Place Robin Gossage - Leaf-cutter Bee, Kingsthorpe

Insects in Flight

3rd Place Jacob Spinks - Migrant Hawker

2nd Place Robin Gossage - Red-tailed Bumblebee, Kingsthorpe

1st Place Robin Gossage - Common Darter, Salcey Forest


3rd Robin Gossage- Devils Bit Scabious.

                                           2nd Pete Gilbert- Flower sp Terra Botanica

                                                        1st Dave Jackson- Teasel


                                              3rd Dave Thomas - Loon Lake, Canada. 

                                           2nd Pete Gilbert - Berchesgarten, Bavaria.

                                       1st Dave Thomas - Lake Payto, Canadian Rockies.

Well I think that concludes all the category winners for 2016. I'm sure you'll agree there are 
some great photo's.
Well done to all the placed winner's also a big thanks to all the entrants without whom there
would be no competition.

Photographic Competition Winners

Northants Birds Away from the Nest

1st Place Martin Swannell - Wren, Brampton Valley Way

2nd Place Bob Bullock - Stonechat, SummerLeys

3rd Place Bob Bullock - Little Ringed Plover, Hollowell

Northants Birds in Flight

1st Place  Dave Jackson - Tufted Duck, Pitsford Water

2nd Place Martin Swannell - Barn Owl, Brampton Valley Way

3rd Place Dave Jackson - Great Crested Grebe, Pitsford

British Birds Away from the Nest

1st Place kestrel, West midlands. Dave Thomas.

2nd Place, Barn Owl, Welney. Dave Jackson.

3rd Place, Spotted Flycatcher.

British Birds in Flight

1st Place Dave Jackson - Puffin, Farne Islands

2nd Place Arctic Tern

3rd Place, Turtle Dove-Dave Jackson.

Foreign Birds Away from the Nest

1st Place Dave Thomas - Azure-winged Magpie, Sierra Morena, Spain

2nd Place Sardinian Warbler, Martin Swannell.

3rd Place, American Kestrel, Clive Bowley.

Foreign Birds in Flight

1st Place Dave Thomas - Rock Martin, Namibia 

2nd Place, Bee Eater, Spain. Dave Thomas.

3rd Place, Broad-billed Roller. Dave Jackson.


1st Place Dave Jackson - Western Red Colobus, The Gambia and Overall Winner of the Graham Soden Trophy 2015.

2nd Place, Red Squirrel, Dave Jackson.

3rd Place, Lions,

Other Vertebrates

1st Place, Dave Thomas - Namaqua Chameleon, Namibia

2nd Place, Monitor Lizard, Dave Thomas.

3rd Place, Sidewinder, Namib. Dave Thomas.

Butterflies, Moths and their Caterpillars

1st Place John Showers - Small Skipper, Pitsford Water

2nd Place, Skipper sp,

3rd Place, Golden Plusia Bob Gill.

Other Invertebrates and Insects in Flight (Categories combined as there were too few insects in flight shots)

1st Place Peter Gilbert - Ichneumon Gasteruption jaculator

2nd Place, Beetle sp Namibia, Dave Thomas.

3rd Place, Wolf Spider,

Plants and Fungi

1st Place Jeff Blincow - Common Bird's Nest Fungus, Kew Gardens

2nd Place, Dog Rose, Dave Jackson.

3rd Place, Magpie Inkcap, Bob Bullock.

Habitat and Landscape

1st Place Dave Jackson - North Sea Stacks, Farne Islands

2nd Place, Namid Desert, Dave Thomas.

3rd Place, Mountain Pass.

2014 Winners

Northants Birds away from the Nest

3rd - Barry Boswell - Great Spotted Woodpecker, Upper Boddington

2nd - Dave Jackson - Snow Bunting, Daventry Reservoir

1st - Dave Jackson - Nuthatch, Northampton

Northants Birds in Flight

3rd - Dave Jackson - Black-headed Gull, Summer Leys

2nd - Peter Gilbert - Pheasant, Pitsford Reservoir

1st - Dave Jackson - Lapwing, Summer Leys

British Birds away from the Nest

3rd - Dave Thomas - Sparrowhawk, Scotland

2nd - Dave Thomas - Kingfishers, Lakenheath

1st - Dave Thomas - Crested Tit, Scotland

British Birds in Flight

3rd - Dave Jackson - Kittiwake, Seahouses, Northumberland

2nd - Barry Boswell - Gannets

1st - Dave Thomas - Black Grouse, Scotland

Foreign Birds away from the Nest

3rd - Dave Thomas - Lilac-breasted Roller, Botswana

2nd - Jeff Blincow - Brown Dipper, River Indus, Kashmir

1st - Barry Boswell - Saddle-billed Stork, Tanzania

Foreign Birds in Flight

3rd - Barry Boswell - Black-winged Stilt, Tanzania

2nd - Bob Bullock - Great White Egrets Displaying, High Island, Texas

1st - Dave Thomas - African Fish Eagle, Botswana

Other Wildlife


3rd - Barry Boswell - Leopard, Tanzania

2nd - Dave Jackson - Weasel, Normandy

1st - Barry Boswell - Baboons, Tanzania

Other Vertebrates

3rd - Bob Bullock - Green Anole, North Padre Island, Texas

2nd - Bob Bullock - Speckled Racer, Sabal Palms, Texas

1st - Barry Boswell - Smooth Snake, Dorset

Butterflies, Moths and Caterpillars

3rd - John Showers - Hornet Clearwing Moths in cop, Pitsford Reserve

2nd - Peter Gilbert - Comma, Pitsford Reserve

1st - Clive Bowley - Micromoth Pyrausta aurata, Sywell Country Park

Other Invertebrates

3rd - Barry Boswell - Common Green Grasshopper, Woodford Halse

2nd - John Fuller - Marbled Orb Spider

1st John Showers - Longhorn Beetle Agapanthia villosoviridescens, Yardley Chase

Insects in Flight

3rd - Jeff Blincow - Globe Skimmer, Biak, West Papua New Guinea

2nd - Peter Gilbert - Migrant Hawker, Burgundy

1st - Bob Gill - Cockchafer

Plants and Fungi

3rd - Mark Williams - Poppies, Lindisfarne

2nd - Dave Jackson - Northern Marsh Orchid

1st - Dave Jackson - Pirri-pirri-bur

Habitat and Landscape

3rd - Bob Bullock - Harrington Airfield

2nd - Bob Bullock - Chesil Beach from Portland, Dorset

1st - Dave Thomas - Freezing Findhorn, Scotland

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  1. Many thanks to Robin for judging the competition and to John for putting it all together. It was a great evening with many stunning shots that didn't even make the top 3 places.
    I'm eternally grateful to all who voted for my overall winning shot and I'm honoured to be the first recipient of the Graham Soden trophy for my Western Red Colobus photo. Here's to next year's competition!