Other Northants Wildlife

We know that many of you take pictures of many other subjects.  We will use the page below to highlight some of your best images.
If you would like your images displayed here, contact Robin...robin.gossage@sky.com

This page is updated with the latest images first.

Some cracking Fungi from Phil Davis,

Phallus impudicus,         Phil Davis
Stinkhorn,      Phallus impudicus

Never seen them in this early stage, wonderful stuff Phil.

Yellow Stagshorn     Phil Davis.
Fungi sp  Phil Davis.

Thank you Phil.

A nice change to have a couple of Mammals, firstly a Badger visiting Dave Jacksons garden. Lucky so and so !

Barry Brock. Dave Jackson.
Secondly a bright eyed and bushy tailed young Fox

Red Fox.  Robin Gossage.

A newcomer to digital photography Timmy "Carabid" Newton sent a couple of shots to share, taken on his new camera.
Probably imm Common Blue Damselfly. Tim Newton.

Devils Coach Horse, fabulous name and fabulous image Tim.

Keep them coming Tim.

A treat now for all you moth'ers out there, Stuart Mundy using pheromones catching some cracking Clearwings and others beside .
Orange Tailed Clearwing from near Bucknell wood Stuart Mundy.

Currant Clearwing Stuart Mundy

Raspberry Clearwing Stuart Mundy.
Red Belted Clearwing Stuart Mundy.

Red Tipped Clearwing Stuart Mundy
Yellow-legged Clearwing Stuart Mundy

Male Emperor Kingsthorpe allotments  Stuart Mundy

Emperor in flight Stuart Mundy.
Wow Stuart, some rarely seen  moths thanks for sharing.

From David Arden, some shots I would have loved to have taken. Grass Snake taken in David's pond.

Well hello szzzzz

Just taking a snifter 

Grass Snake David Arden.
Thanks for these David.

Nice to see some young Common Lizards lounging around.

Common Lizard   RDG.
Within a split second this Hornet veered, caught this unfortunate fly took it to ground and started to dismember it
It really is a dangerous insect world.
Hornet and prey.   RDG.

Trichrysis cyanea a beautiful small metallic green  cuckoo wasp, from Phil Davies
A Jewel of a Wasp

An uncommon Fungi, Mutinus caninas or Dog Stinkhorn.
A Dog Stinkhorn in its prime  RDG.

and sadly going over   RDG.

Although this species below wasn't found in the county, but just in Warwickshire its so good and close to Northants I thought it deserved to be shown.
It was caught and (sadly) pinned by Timmy, images from Bob Gill.
The Cimbex connatus (very similar to C luteus ) is a very large Cimbicid Sawfly a Hornet mimic, it is also very rare and harmless.
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A couple of bits from Phil, I think the first image maybe of a Rove Beetle larva of some kind, but if you know different please let me know. the second image is a Broad Damsel-bug.

Phil Davies.
Broad Damselbug Phil Davies.

Thank-you Phil.

Some great stuff from Phil Davies including a rare ant like wasp.

 A stunning find, Black-headed Velvet Ant. Phil Davis. 

Black-headed Velvet Ant, a wingless wasp.. Phil Davis
Well found and captured mate, something I've never seen...

Grey Dagger Phil Davis.
Large Skipper Phil Davis.
Thanks for these Phil.

Several  Interesting and well taken shots from Bob Gill.

Voilet Black -legged Robberfly. Bob Gill
Don't you just luv a good Robber !

Yellow -legged Soldierfly Bob Gill
Not quite the brilliant colouration as some Soldiers, but a little cracker just the same !
Lovely image of this tiny fly.

Nomada Ruficornis, Fork-jawed Nomad Bee Bob Gill
Just look at those eyes...fabulous, nice shooting mate.

Chequered Click Beetle.   RDG.

Clytra quadripunctata. RDG.

From the depths of deep Spratton, thank-you David for reminding me what a brilliant reptile
this is.

Grass Snake David Arden
Some more captures from Phil Davis.

Five spotted Club-horned Wasp
This may be the male Phil as I can't make out the red band on the abdomen but needs to be
checked against the Club-horned wasp. Either way a good find you must be running a high
class hotel.

Five Spotted Club-horned Wasp

Good Suff mate.

Umbellifer Longhorn Phytoecia cylindrica

Nomad Bee sp

Wasp sp    Ichneumon ?
Thanks Phil, the insects seem to be out with a bang now.

Some wasps are very tricky especially Ichneumons, any help with all IDs grateful, Robin.

 A Brilliant capture from Phil Davis,

Nomad Bee
Yellow Dung Fly Scathophaga stercoraria with dinner
Thanks Phil, nice shooting mate.

A couple of images from John Tilly, Stem (borer) Sawflies, these are rather slender bodied and
cylindrical with wasp-ish colouration.

Calameuta filiformis
Thanks for these John.

Acorn Nut-Weevil ...RDG

So the first images for 2018 supplied by Phillip Davis

Small soggy bee possibly Andrena sp
Fly sp

Birch Catkin Bug

Thanks for those Phil.

2017 images.

For those of you interested in moths Bob Gill has supplied a few recent images of some rather tasty
Micro Moths.

Rhyacionia panicolana
Argyrethia goedartella
Caloptilia Falchimiela
Acleris forsskaleana
Thanks for these Bob, some nice micro work.

A couple of interesting shot from Phil Davies, not sure what it is Phil, my guess is a Spider Hunter, your insect hotel is doing rather well.

A parasitic fly  Tachina fera about at the moment, its hosts being moth larvae .

Tachina fera Bob Gill
One of our arguably nicest Shieldbugs having head and scutellum being a lovely metallic coppery tone.

Woundwort Shieldbug Eysarcoris venustissimus

Some Ground-hoppers from Bob Gill, we have three Ground-Hoppers in Britain here are two photographed in Northants a 3rd Cepero's is not likely to occur here, but if anyone has an image of one please send it in.
These Hoppers  do not sing and are widely variable in colour tones.

Common Ground Hopper Tetrix undulata
Slender Ground Hopper Tetrix subulata

So as promised some more images from Bob Gill.

Leafhopper,  Cicadella viridis

Grey Dagger , moth caterpillar

Eared leaf hopper
Fly Bug Reduvius personatus

Hawthorn Shieldbug

Bronz Shieldbug

Allygus mixtus Leafhopper

Capsus ater,  Plant bug

Terellia tussilaginis

Thanks for those mate.

Some nice moth shots, from insectorist ( I made that up ) Bob Gill.    The Pine Beauty really lives up to it's name. Some more of Bobs shots soon.

Pine Beauty
Bordered Sallow

The spanking Burnished Brass

Coxcomb Prominent

Buff Tip

Thanks Bob for this shot to complete the showing of the  Buff tip's life cycle. The camouflage of this moth really does look like the broken tip of a twig.

From Clive Bowley, The Buff Tip moth caterpillars and a wonderful close up of their eggs.
pupation takes place in autumn in soil, the moths emerge in May.
Clive Bowley

Phalera bucephala

Anyone have an image of the moth ??
please share.

Two of our largest Hoverflies, Great Pied and Hornet, by Phil Davies.
Volucella pellucens
Volucella zonaria

An interesting Nomad Bee sp, from Phil Davies.

Day flying moth, Mother of Pearl,  Clive Bowley

Pleuroptya rural
Marbled White, refreshingly becoming more familiar these days and Six-sot Burnet on Devils bit Scabious from David Arden.

David Arden
David Arden.
A couple of shots from David's garden pond.
A female Great Diving Beetle, coming up for a breather.
The ribbing is for the male to gain purchase during courtship.
Grass Snake David Arden.

     Below stunning Parasitic fly, from Salcey Forest.

Phasia hemiptera  Robin Gossage.

A couple of images from Mark Williams from his garden.

This is a Thick Headed Fly one of only 2 species of 'Sicus' in Britain, using their doubled up
under-carriage to place an egg onto a bumble bee whilst in flight.

Sicus furrugineus

Sicus furrugineus Mark Wlliams
A good find Mark, thank-you for sharing.

A female, Broad bodied chaser, image from Phil Davies. Thanks for sharing Phil.

Out and about at the moment on an umbellifer near you, Strangalia maculata a Longhorn beetle.

Black and yellow longhorn Clive Bowley.
Notch Horned Cleg Haematopota pluvialis,  nothing to do with last of the summer wine
Feeling the bite, Clive Bowley bravely persevered the biting to get this shot.

As they say no pain, no gain, did it hurt much Clive?

Two Variable Longhorns doing what comes

Robin Gossage
Robin Gossage
A beautiful Click beetle Ampedus elongantulus

Araniella cucurbitina, a common and widespread spider but non the less a lovely arachnid from Phil Davies.

A widespread but very variable spider from Phil Davies, Nuctenea umbratica, sometimes called
Walnut Orb Weaver but I like the name Toad spider.

Probably our tiniest mammal, the cute Harvest mouse, from Martin Swannell. Taken in his back garden! Thanks for that Martin.

Young Harvest Mouse.

A super cool bee from Dave Jackson taken at  Clifford Hill.

Sharp Tailed Mining Bee Coeloixys conoidea

A couple of nice images from Phil Davies, of possibly Ashy Mining Bee, being taken from Phil's
insect hotel. Thanks for sharing Phil. (any bee experts out there?)

Phil Davies

Grey Squirrel Phil Davies.

Some great insect shots from Clive Bowley, I particularly like the kissing picture winged flies.

Nursery web spider
Rosemary beetle

St Marks fly

I said no tongues.  Picture Winged Flies.

Sphecodes Bee   Sphecodes ephippius ?

HARE RAISING shots, Jacob Spinks. Pitsford.

PURPLE EMPEROR   Fermyn Wood. David Arden.


OTTER Ravensthorpe Res. David Arden.

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