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Indoor meetings are held at the Anglian Water Fishing Lodge, Pitsford Reservoir, Holcot at 19:30.  Details of the site can be found here:

Our programme for the next few months is:


3rd January  Indoor Meeting. Birds and Wildlife of the Gambia.  Dave Jackson

18th January  Outdoor 'Walk with Hugh' excursion to Eldernell, near Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire, meeting at 10.30 am. Grid Ref TL317992. Led by Hugh Matthews -

28th January  Outdoor Car Trip to Rutland Water. Coordinator Bob Gill (Tel 01604 680386).

7th February  Indoor MeetingClub Photographic competition

25th February  Outdoor Car Trip to Frampton Marsh. Coordinator Bob Gill (Mob 07938 680386)

7th March  AGM and Indoor Meeting 'The Biking Birder' by Gary Prescott.
As seen on Springwatch and various TV shows, Gary is the only birder to have visited every RSPB and WWT nature reserve and this he has done twice! Known as The Biking Birder, Gary has both the British and European Green Birding Year list records. In 2016 Gary cycled around the UK seeing over 300 different bird species.

4th April  Indoor Meeting. Chris Ward returns to deliver the second part of the Birds and Wildlife of Australia.

2nd May  Indoor Meeting. Club member Jeff Blincow introduces birdwatching Chinese-style
with his presentation 'Birding in Yunnan'.  Prepare to be wowed by digitally captured Eastern Palearctic gems!

4th May  Walk with Hugh Matthews at Ashton Wold/Polebrook Airfield. meeting at 10.30am at bridleway entrance 088887

6th June  Indoor Meeting. Elis and Rick Simpson from Waderquest return to provide a presentation entitled 'Plover Lover's World of Delights'!  They will be talking about the species of plovers encountered in Europe and comparing them with birds occupying a similar niche in other parts of the world. This talk very much follows on from the very popular 'Introduction to Waderquest' presentation at the club in May 2017.

21st June  Walk with Hugh Matthews at Fermyn Woods for birds and butterflies. Meet at 10.30am in the grounds of Fermyn Woods Country Park by the Skylark Cafe.

24th June  Car Trip to RSPB Lakenheath Fen - contact Bob Gill if interested.

4th July  Outdoor meeting at Pitsford Reservoir. Wildlife watching around the reserve and other activities...

1st Aug  Indoor Meeting. Dr Becky Thomas returns to the club, this time talking about Red Kites...

They are what we eat: How feeding rates and public attitudes have affected Red Kite diet across the UK 

The Red Kite was once extinct in many parts of the UK but following a successful reintroduction programme it has become a common sight in many areas. It was historically a bird associated with human settlements, scavenging on human refuge, and has now begun to recolonise urban areas because of widespread supplementary feeding by the public. In Reading, approximately 10% of households provide supplementary food for Kites and it has been found to be the primary factor explaining their use of urban areas. However, we have no understanding of the relative importance of anthropogenic food in the diet of Red Kites across the country. We'll discuss some of the consequences of this feeding for the Kites as well as the motivations of the homeowners who choose to feed them.

5th Sept  Members Indoor Meeting. An opportunity for three club members (Bob Gill, Pete Gilbert and Dave Thomas) to showcase images or topics of interest...

3rd Oct  Indoor Meeting. Brian Eversham the Chief Executive for the Wildlife Trust for Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire returns to the club. His presentation is entitled 'The Past and Future of Natural History'.
'A history of naturalists over 3000 years, of trends in wildlife and the study of wildlife, and some personal thoughts on where its heading, and where the next generation of field naturalists might come from.'

7th Nov  Indoor Meeting. Conor Jameson returns to provide a presentation on The Hudson Legacy - the lasting impact of W.H. HUDSON, Victorian author, campaigner and RSPB pioneer and of course plenty of wildlife stories too!

5th Dec  Indoor Meeting. Giselle Eagle and Richard Brown are the wardens on the tiny Pembrokeshire island of Skokholm, the original 'Dream Island'. They have agreed to travel to us in the Midlands to provide a presentation entitled 'The History of Skokholm Bird Observatory'.  Much of the presentation will relate to the intense avian activity in the summer months when thousands of Manx Shearwaters and hundreds of other sea-birds breed on this tiny island. Skokholm was the very first accredited bird observatory and Giselle and Richard's enthusiasm and commitment will shine through during the presentation.


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