Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Driven grouse shooting petition


Conservationist Mark Avery has initiated an e-petition on the Westminster government webpage which is asking for driven grouse shooting to be banned:-

This e-petition is whizzing along, having been signed by 33,000 UK citizens in under six weeks. We have another 20 weeks to go and we might just reach the magic 100,000 signatures which will trigger a debate in parliament. We might!

Driven grouse shooting elicits (illegal) persecution of protected birds of prey like Hen Harriers but also depends on intensive moorland management that increases greenhouse gas emissions, reduces water quality (and increases water bills), increases flood risk (and home insurance costs) and reduces aquatic biodiversity (and probably fish stocks). That's the short version of why grouse shooting needs to change.

So, please sign this e-petition and we might just be able to preserve our upland habitats for the right environmental reasons and not just create a huge sterile grouse rearing pen.


Neil M

Female Red Grouse

Meadow Pipit, a typical
breeding bird of the uplands
and wild places in the British Isles.

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