Sunday, 4 September 2016


Hello everyone, I  cannot believe how quickly this year is disappearing.

Three quarters into 2016 and I'm thinking maybe I oughta' start organising some images
for the N B C Photographic Competition.

Being the judge for the last 3 years I've looked in awe at some of the images presented in that time.
Every year the images  have been steadily getting better and with more photographers entering the overall standard just gets higher.

The digital revolution has helped in many ways, I can  remember when birds in flight was once the domain of only a few photographers, but now with Auto Focus etc we all routinely take such pictures.
But having the best gear does not, by any means guarantee you a winning image, of course not.
That can only be done by yourself !

I guess entering any photographic competition is not for the faint hearted, after all, having your
own images displayed for all and sundry to see and criticise is a little daunting.
I personally love to see other members pictures and I'm certain everyone else does too, that's what makes the Competition evening one of the best meetings during the year. I maintain that I've never taken a great image and I'm sure you will agree, but I love to strive and try.

Now after 3 years of not being able to enter I look at my images so far for this year wondering how they might compare?
But the truth is, that it really does not matter,  if  you like your images and enjoy taking them, then
that is surely what counts.

My good friend Graham Soden bequeathed a wonderful photographic shield to the Bird Club
last year.
Given to the overall winner, decided on the night, by the audience.  A great way to support your favourite shot.
Last year Dave Jackson was that winner not only taking the shield home for a year but having his
name engraved upon it.
Mind you it was a brilliantly close fought battle with Nikon guru Dave Thomas and deservedly so.

There are lots of wildlife categories in which you can enter and it does not need to be a rarity or some far flung exotica to stand a chance.

Remember though you do not stand any chance of winning if you do not enter and all you need to enter is to be a Northants Bird Club member.

Take the Bull by the horns and enter your favourite shots and be damned.

You never know the Judge may take pity on you and award a category winner...... please!

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