Thursday, 8 December 2016


Last night's NBC MEETING was a treat.

Dave J. gave his unique style of presentation on the South African BC Trip. It was both involving and engaging with a great overview of images of his own and other members.
Sadly my name was mentioned, but for all the wrong reasons, (I own up to one of the toilet shots) but happily so were others.
Gentle banter was the order of the evening, I don't think anyone didn't have a laugh or at least a wry smile during the proceedings.

But last night nearly didn't happen. Dave had spent a large amount of time in preparation for his talk.
Just a couple of minor alterations at around 10 pm the previous evening when the right button didn't
get pressed.

Hey Ho the whole talk disappeared never to return,  in Dave's own words Oh! how he larfed !!

All the processed images were also deleted as he went along,  not thinking he would need them again.
How Dave larfed again!!

Around 2am the following morning there was nothing for it but to start all over again larfing all the

But that wasn't the end of it, I had arranged to pick Dave up as he is struggling with a slipped disc.
Coming to the A508 I could not turn left towards Dave's due to an accident so turning right I passed an ever increasing queue of traffic. Going in a large circle I tried to get to him from the opposite direction, that too was cordoned off.

Eventually everything fell into place and the rest is history.

Well Done Dave it was all worth the effort,  now did you say you would be doing a Talk on
The Gambia?

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