Friday, 19 May 2017

Logging in Denton Wood


The following is a message from local naturalist Jeff Blincow...

'The Forestry Commission is currently logging in Denton Wood in the bird breeding season. Several people have expressed their concern and the RSPB and the Wildlife Trust BCN are involved. I am surprised it got as far as Newts before the Police became involved.

I was hoping that other people could contribute. I am aware that the bird club is not a pressure group but a few emails of concern would not be difficult, either from the club or from individuals.

If you are members, please contact the RSPB and Wildlife Trust to show concern or offer support.
Contact the Forestry Commission -  this is the thin end of the wedge - once they can do it and get away with it then it will start happening elsewhere.

Contact Carly at the Chron & Echo who has yet to get back to me. 

Make positive suggestions and please forward this to others that may be interested...


Neil M

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