Saturday, 23 December 2017


With the advent of the cooler weather we had a short time ago, I stocked up on bird food and feeders.
Thinking that the poor mites, after  freezing nights and cold days the very least I could do was to give them a helping hand.
 My Starlings and woodpigeons quickly ate the bulk of what I had put out, with my Tits, Robins and Wrens etc turning up too late to find the meal worms and suet that was meant for them gone.
Fat balls attracted several beautiful Blue Tits absolutely gorgeous in the cold sunshine, while the Robin braved conflict searching my food bucket as I was dealing with other items.
A lone male Blackcap knew I hadn't got my camera and posed in full view on the ivy covered Hawthorn and a band of nomadic Long Tailed Titmice descended upon the apple tree to glean
anything that was still available.
Goldfinch beauties,  Chaffinch and Greenfinches commandeered  the seed feeders. Blackbirds spent valuable energy chasing their counterparts around , a lone Redwing also paid a visit.
All was well, I felt good that in my own little way I could help these hapless little darlings, they must have realised it was Christmas time, my work was done I wished them well.

So it brings me nicely around to wish all our members and readers a Very Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year and remember, giving brings its own rewards.

A Sparrow Hawk at Mcdonald's

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