Thursday, 11 January 2018

Post meeting synopsis - The Gambia by Dave Jackson.


The first indoor meeting of the year was held on Wednesday 3rd Jan when we were privileged to enjoy Dave Jackson's presentation and take on the Gambia, that fabulous little country on the west coast of Africa. The Gambia, now an independent country once 'owned' by Great Britain, provides an excellent opportunity for the wildlife enthusiast to sample a little of the African experience. Although there is little in the way of free-ranging mammals these days, there are still plenty of birds and an opportunity of seeing reptiles and insects too.

Dave provided plenty of high quality digital images depicting much of the bird life on offer, and also ensured that the cultural aspects of this small country were illustrated too. It seems that over the years there has been some development with improved roads and other infrastructure with investment from overseas but the general easy going and friendly character of this country remains.

During our winter months the Gambia plays host to quite a number of birds that during the summer can be found in Europe, making it even more interesting to find and identify wintering migrants among the often more exotic African residents! I particularly marvelled at Dave's Abyssinian Roller images, somehow capturing the poise and action of this charismatic and beautiful subject and also the incredibly bright azure colours of the flight feathers. The presentation was made all the more enjoyable with stories of ventures that went according to plan and also those that went not so well, such is the nature of this vibrant little country entirely surrounded with the much bigger and French-dominated country of Senegal!

A well crafted and vivid presentation that provided plenty of information and expectations to anyone planning to go to the Gambia, and bringing back some fabulous memories for those that have already ventured and enjoyed the charms of this tiny African nation. Thank-you very much Dave!


Neil M

Violaceous Turaco.

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